Create High Converting Google Ad Copy in seconds with a 70% Win Rate

Attention Google Ad Pros: Bid farewell to ad testing struggles! Unlike other ChatGPT ad writers, we truly grasp your business, market, competitors, and historical outcomes. Unlock an automatic feedback loop for continuous learning and improvement.

Trusted by thousands of Google Advertisers and marketing teams

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Watch How we create & Test More Ads in 2 minutes than you have in the last year

Our Proven Data Model Means We Consistently Win-mathematically 70% of the Time

Your Brand Voice protected. What we can say in an ad, and what we can’t. No generic industry BS.

109,422 Past Google Ads – Learning before – so we can learn from them and build on past wins Analyze Real Competitors That Will Show Up Alongside You In Googles Search Results.

Predictive Model To Analyze Is This Good Enough – Statistically Proven To Win 70% of the time.

Before Publishing Directly Into Your Google Ads Account with no exports or extra steps needed.

How it Works

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    Connect Google Ads
    Securely connecting PPC Ad Writer to your Google Ads account or Manager Account takes 2 minutes. Simply, click to connect, log in and approve.
  • 02
    Pull Active Campaigns
    Ad Writer automatically reads your account(s), and pulls in all your active campaigns data including keywords and targeting so we can understand your business on autopilot.
  • 03
    AI Analyze Your Landing Pages
    PPC Ad Writer reads your landing pages to learn about the products and services you offer so our ads reflect your offers, not just generic nonsense. You can review what we’ve understood and adjust if necessary.
  • 04
    Setup Rules
    You’re in control. We automatically build rules for your account eg, you can say ‘’50% off’’ but not ‘’free delivery’’. Of course, you can add and edit them as you want. Do it once, use it everywhere.
  • 05
    Model To Beat Competitors Top Performing Ads
    After we write an ad we run it through a predictive model with over 70% accuracy at predicting if your new ad will beat the click-through-rate of your competition and your own best. And if it fails short – we trash it and write another before it ever reaches you for review.
  • 06
    Winner Declared Automatically
    We monitor the performance of every ad you put live using PPC Ad Writer.

    Once we can statistically see that an ad has won a split test, we let you know and (optionally) pause the loser.
  • 07
    Ongoing Testing 1 Ad Split Test Per Day
    We don’t stop at one test, we can automatically test more ads that you could ever write, to make sure that your creative testing is through and delivering improved account performance.



Connect Google Ads Account

Connect Google Manager Account

Ad Management

Competitor Ad Monitoring

RSA & Asset creation

PMax ad creation

Business rules for ad copy

Holiday ad creation

Upload ads to google

Ad split test monitoring

Auto-pause losing ads

Ad audits

Client ad approval process


Sub Users

User Account permissions

Number of ads (per account)

Number of Accounts

Additional Accounts


White labeled client reporting by link

$97 /Year
$297 /Year
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$597 /Year
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Frequently Asked Questions

PPC Ad Writer creates Responsive Search Ads for your Google Ads.  To do this it applies your business rules, spies on your competitor ads and then writes new ads using our proprietary GPT trained on 109,422 ads.  Ultimately, you get improved Click Through Rate (CTR) on your ads.

Currently we support Google Ads only.  If you would like support for another platform, please ask using the Live chat in the bottom right of your screen.

We support Responsive Search Ads at the moment but are adding support for additional ad types.

Yes, in our Pro and Agency plans you can connect Google Ads Manager Accounts (MCC) or multiple single accounts.  It's up to you.

We use a statistical model to split test our ad vs the existing running ad (or prior performance if their is no existing running ad) and when the model reaches a 95% statistical confidence we declare winners/losers.

Yes of course, they are your ads, you are in total control.

PPC Ad Writer is used by digital marketing agencies, Google Ads specialists and freelancers, and in-house marketing teams of all sizes.

You can see a full feature list above, but essentially if you want to manage more than one Google Ads account you should get the Pro or Agency plan.

Good news, no exporting / importing required.  Just hit the button in PPC Ad Writer to upload direct to your Google Ads account.

Yes, we use ChatGPT with our own proprietary model trained on 109,422 Google Ads, and a custom predictive model to calculate the probability of an ad winning a split test.

In progress but not yet.

No other tool (as far as we know) understands business rules about your USP, your offers and marketing messages.  PPC Ad Writer does.  Other tools do not "spy" on competitors to find the messages they are currently running in order to write ads specifically designed to beat the competition.  And nobody else has a GPT model trained on a huge 109,422 database of other Google Ads to compare against.

It's not even close.

Your logged in Username in Google Ads when you connect your account.  PPC Ad Writer does not appear.

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